ScanProof is an innovative print inspection solution that provides accurate quality control of all printed packaging and scanned components.
ScanProof is ideal for the inspection of packaging proofs, labels, cartons and nested press sheets in both printed and PDF formats.

Key Features:

• Dual scan mode: scan in master & sample simultaneously
• Optional booklet scanner module: easily scan in booklets and other multi-page documents
• Intelligent cropping
• Easy to use interface

Quick Detection of:

• Broken text
• Missing or added elements
• Print defects


• Quickly compare all text and graphics of any print job
• Avoid time consuming reprints and reworks
• Fast and easy one click inspection
• Overprint & layer handling
• Automatic alignment & rotation
• Auto-skew master & sample images
• Color measurement tool: ability to display RGB and CMYK color values
• Reporting & commenting
• Optional BarProof and BrailleProof modules to inspect barcodes & Braille

ScanProof can help you with:

• Print Inspection quality control
• Packaging inspection
• Pharmaceutical packaging compliance
• Prepress quality control
• Artwork inspection
• Web inspection

Inspection Capabilities:

• File-to-File
• File-to-Print
• Print-to-Print

scanproof_carton ScanProof_hardware