Cylinder Scanner

Scan360 is the leading artwork inspection scanner for cylinders. Designed for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and pharmaceutical markets, Scan360 will directly scan the surface of any cylindrical item and automatically compare it to the approved proof.

Scan and inspect with great accuracy:
• Large heavy gauge metal cans
• Ribbed cans
• Embossed text
• Rough textured plastic finishes
• Shrink wrapped cylindrical items
• Aluminum cans
• Glass jars
• Plastic bottles
• Soft metallic containers
• Polymer tubes


• Ensures the print quality on your cylindrical packaging
• Automates your inspections
• Anti-counterfeit inspection


• Detects missing, added or broken elements
• Detects print defects
• Scans in under 20 seconds
• Inspects cylindrical diameters from 1”(25.4mm) – 6.8”(172.72mm)
• Resolution: 300 dpi


Scan360_scanner Scan360_can