The First Web-based Packaging Inspection Suite

Proofware is the world’s first all-in-one web-based packaging inspection suite, giving enterprise-wide instant access to everyone involved in the security of their brand copy and artwork. Proofware offers a variety of web-based packaging Quality Control applications to seamlessly proofread PDF files throughout the workflow process, catching any undetected errors before it’s too late.

All-in-one inspection of all packaging elements

Packaging isn’t just about text.

What about graphics, barcodes, spelling and Braille? With apps to inspect different elements within your packaging, Proofware is the 1st all-in-one inspection solution that has all your packaging covered.

Inspect Word files, PDFs, UPC codes, Data Matrix and more in seconds.

Advanced packaging inspection tools

• Inspect text to PDF
• Compare word to PDF
• Proofread artwork, proofs
• Verify barcodes
• Translate Braille
• Cloud technology – No software installation required
• Share inspection reports with suppliers
• Integrates seamlessly with Artwork Management Systems (AMS)

Technical Benefits:

• Provides enterprise-wide access to packaging QC tools
• Share inspection projects with anyone within the Enterprise& external suppliers/customers
• Organize all inspections using the built-in Project Management& Collaboration feature
• Collaborate on inspection reports with multiple users(e.g. for approvals) and view comments
• Remote QC for collaboration with suppliers

IT Benefits:

• Flexible Deployment Options: On-Premise, Private Hosting
• Existing customers currently using GV applications separately, now have an all-in-one solution
• 100% web-based, no software required – low IT cost (no Citrix)

Business Benefits:

• Reduce approval cycles– no email attachments, share inspection projects directly
• Avoid costly errors for every aspect in packaging QC (text, spelling, graphics, Braille, barcodes)