Braille Dot Height Measurement Tool

BraillePoint is a Braille dot measurement tool perfect for measuring Braille dot height and verifying Braille dot placement. With BraillePoint, users can ensure the precision of all embossed and screen printed Braille found on cartons and labels. BraillePoint uses advanced electronic measurement technologies to measure Braille dot height directly. Unlike scanner and camera based measurement systems that are dependent on dot shadows and complex algorithms, BraillePoint is capable of providing the most accurate results. With BraillePoint, you can be rest assured that all Braille is accurate, readable and meets international standards, while eliminating manual checking, and reducing inspection times.
Braille presence module the ability to compare Braille dots from a BraillePoint scan to a Braille presence template


• Accurately measure Braille dot height
• Reduce Braille dot inspection times
• Ensure accuracy & quality of Braille text
• Ensure compliance with international standards (Marburg Medium)


• Analysis of Braille dot height
• Analysis of Braille dot spacing
• Braille character recognition
• Color coding allows for easy analysis of flawed dots
• Superior sample scan times
• Inspection setup details easily saved
• 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 compliant
• Validation available
• Customizable maximum and minimum dot height settings
• Integrates with ScanTVS print inspection solution


• Reduce Braille inspection time
• Ensure ultimate accuracy for Braille on cartons & labels
• Compliant with international standards
• Customizable maximum and minimum dot height settings
• Braille character translation
• Extensive reporting detailing pass/fail for each Braille dot